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Acting on You

Lee Suksi


Acting on You explores the narrowing and deepening of the relationships in artist and author Lee Suksi’s life. Whether siblings, lovers or friends, pairs of people push and pull their way across these pages. Guided by their desire to find new modes of understanding and representing those evolving intimacies and inspired by psychoanalysis, astrology, and observation, Suksi uses pen and ink to bring a fresh dimension to the ways in which we act on each other.

About the author

Lee Suksi’s first book, The Nerves (Metatron), won a 2021 Lambda Literary Award for best LGBTQ Erotica. Their writing appears or is forthcoming in a variety of places, including The Capilano Review, Public Parking, The Brooklyn Review, and anthologized in Secret Sex (Dundurn Press). They are resident astrologer at The Grind and have read in gazebos, saunas, galleries, basements, lounges and theatres coast to coast. Visit them online at

First printing
89 pages
ISBN | 978-1-7773561-2-5
Book design | Cole Nowicki
Cover art | Lee Suksi


Blushing, fraying, bleeding, granulating, leaking, sucking, washing, sinking, touching, resisting. The aquarelles in Acting On You recalls the formerly censored sexual watercolours by Caral Rama from the 1930s and ‘40s. Wet on wet is my favorite technique in the medium. The drops of pigment in Suksi’s fabulous manual depicting relationships perform the multiplicity of relations that renders couples in states of yearning, wounding, nippling.

—Tiziana La Melia, artist and author of The Eyelash and the Monochrome and Oral Like Cloaks, Dialect

Through Suksi’s process, raw thoughts are transformed into articulate lines, patches of colour and an aura of emotion that stains. These portraits offer a contemporary take on human interaction drawn with the same hand and intention, yet each page is entirely independent.”

—Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue, visual artists and partners

“Sumptuous and nearly innocent—this is beautiful work, a feast.”

—Aisha Sasha John, author of I have to live and The Shining Material

“All the colours of psychoanalysis are on display in Lee Suksi’s new book, Acting On You. Not content to just recline on the analyst’s couch, Suksi invites the viewer to get into the action and experience the heights of emotion rendered in burnt ochre, tangerine, emerald green, cerise, turquoise, and gold. The brilliant shades of the psyche are laid bare.”

—GB Jones, artist, filmmaker, musician, and publisher